'Brick Impact' by Dogs Breakfast

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Brick Impact
The Race against the Clock Movie
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The animation was great and the story was fun though I got a bit lost sometimes.

Why did he kill the rest of the crew?

Liked the end a lot and the talk of frame rates.


I won't review our film, but to answer your question - I was meant to have a shot of her hand knocking buttons while they were "going over mission details" which accidentally opened the airlock, but through lack of sleep and starting filming too late I just missed it :)


Funny and topical this was one of the better films of Heat 5. A nifty story line, and although the motivations weren't completely clear it was an enjoyable 'ride".


While this film was nicely animated and had some good gags, it just failed to capture my attention. It attempted to lampoon disaster movie clichés, yet it sometimes felt overly reliant on this kind of self-referential humour. Still it was lego! And who doesn’t love lego?!