'Eggspiry Day' by CRANKLESKANK

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Eggspiry Day
The Race against the Clock Movie
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My favourite from this heat. Very clever story, it was nicely shot, great acting and I like the sense of urgency and desperation the film created. Good job :)


This film was very strong, and was both funny and very captivating. The doctor tells a woman that she has exactly 24 hours in which to get pregnant, or she will never be able to.

Eggspiry Day was captivating, providing an unusually good balance between heart-wrenching sympathy and outrageous gross comedy which will leave you on the edge of your seats. The lead actress took us on an emotional rollercoaster and did an amazing job.

It made you laugh, cry, groan and cringe in your seat, but despite a less-than-surprising ending, everyone was still hissing and groaning when it was revealed.

It was a fantastic film, well thought out and had the audience wrapped around its little finger.


Despite being well shot and mostly funny, the morals of molesting a Homeless man and featuring a rapist tricking woman into having sex with him could have been handled better. This felt like it was being played for laughs, when it should have felt much creepier.


The protagonist in this film gave a performance rarely achieved in a 48 hour film, bravo.

What was evident from the reactions of the crowd in attendance, is that this film was a powerful roller coaster of emotion. Seriously funny one moment, crushingly despair the next.

The Audience Award for me was well justified, and the story and execution of a Race Against The Clock Film was expressed with originality, wit and a fearlessness we have come to expect from Team Crankleskank.

A 48 hour film with real promise.


Part 1:
This was audience favourite and with good reason. We laughed. We were grossed out. We cared about the characters. We totally felt the time pressure of the genre. The stress ball was used effectively. Nailed. It.

Our leading lady is told by a doctor that her fertility depends on her unusual superova which will explode in -exactly- 24 hours. So she set about getting pregnant.

Absolutely the best acting I’ve seen so far. Lovely, lovely, lovely cinematography punctuated with clever editing tricks. (That last part where you could see the clocks above the ladies in the waiting room? Sweet.)

I really appreciated the city setting- a nice break from the flats and suburbs. They took that genre and owned it. Solid story and script. Nice twisted-twist ending.

Part 2:
I’m separating this part because I don’t want to take away from the merits of the film overall. Here goes…

So it was pretty rapey.

It didn’t put rape in a positive light nor promote it, but it did justify it. Afterwards people outside were discussing their voting and I could hear that people were a bit conflicted.

(Full disclosure: I voted for Chess Club first -because I assisted their team-, Eggspiry second because it was a great film, and I truly can not remember now what I voted for third)

Now Cranklespank are obviously smart and talented people. If it was just one rapey bit then maybe the audience wouldn’t have minded, but the motivation of the characters depends on non-consent. We aren’t made to laugh AT it but it is there.

The problem I have is this: The film is going to go far. It’s a great short and it deserves to. But there are hundreds of 48hours teams with varying skill levels, abilities and most importantly- maturity. Some of those teams are school aged. The film will more than likely end up on YouTube or similar online screening room.

Should a team with less ability/skill/maturity see Eggspiry Date succeed and then conclude that rape is an ok subject matter to deal with then it gets messy. Personally, I don't want to see rape irresponsibly handled on screen and I really don’t want younger teams spending a weekend filming shit like that.

This isn’t Crankle’s problem. It rests on the judges.

Alright, I had to say that… thanks for reading.


Crankleskank were given a genre that could have gone down any number of cliche'd paths and crafted something unique, dark, and a tiny bit twisted.

People have already commented on the story and the perhaps controversial aspects, so I won't add more on it; but what I will add is that from the audience reactions at the screening it is clear, to me at least, that the film was planned out to provoke the reactions it got - exactly where it got them.

In the preceding films that I read as aiming to be humorous, the laughs were achieved sometimes at the scripted place, but a majority of the time they seemed incidental; through bad choices, inexperience or circumstance - the kid on the tricycle rolling through a shot in the horror (I think) film for example had us giggling away.

To me Eggspiry Day is a black comedy, and comedy is found in different places for everyone; something I think this team is more than aware of.

So with that, and adding that the film has some very well shot sequences and strong cast, it was definitely the best of the night, and a strong showing for the Auckland final.


What a wonderfully entertaining and thought provoking film "Eggspiry Day" is, a perfect combination of humour and genuine sadness.
And what amazing talent to produce such an insight into the sorrow and potential desperation of infertility issues while maintaining an emotional balance for the audience.
The humour is cleverly sprinkled. What an amazing production by a very talented group of people.


Creative movie! Great ending , everyone in the cinema LOVED, i stayed from heat 3 to watch this moive and im really glad i did, a little bit of inappropriate humor here and there noticed a few kids laughing though so it wasnt too bad, over all Great movie hoping to see it in the finals!


I completely agree with Clint Milne above, comedy over such topics, we need to be careful with ethical duty of care, nice camera work though


One of two films that caused the most discussion amongst the group I was with. Some loved it, some not so much. I am somewhat on the fence. It was well crafted and driven by an outstanding and nuanced performance from the lead (best actress must have been a close call this year for the judges!). I didn’t have a problem with the moral “ambiguity” (as suggested above), it just didn’t register with some in our group. All around I found this entertaining.


The lead actress in this was fantastic, she showed a great range of emotions and whilst there were scenes that I thought were there for the gross out laughs (which there were a few) they also dealt with a very dark subject.

As other reviewers have said, I'm sure it will create a range of discussion and with it's subject matter I'm sure it will be controversial but I thought it was well acted and very well shot.


When a woman is told by her doctor that she only has 24 hours to get pregnant or lose the opportunity forever, she resorts to some desperate measures.

This was pretty good really. Some clever, engaging camerawork and editing, great use of locations and some really convincing acting from the lead. There was some good use of foreshadowing, good music and only the sound had some inconsistency. Plenty of discussion above. In regards to the mix of comedy and drama, I would have preferred that they had played this one straight as the rather gross out humour scenes cheapened the work being done by the lead actress. Too rapey? I don't think so. More a warning of how some people seek to manipulate their positions. I certainly don't think any of it was justifying any of the characters actions - including the leads. Failed in it's duty of care? Again I don't think this should be a consideration for teams in his competition - "Will we offend a young team?" should never be part of your planning. Will we get disqualified due to content - defiantly.

Anyway, I enjoyed this, it was imaginative and well-deserving of being an Auckland finalist.