'Pinscow's Entry' by BEDSTUY

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Pinscow's Entry
The Film within a Film
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Short, dirty, manic, and a nice take on the genre. I wanna know what Pinscow is gonna make next??


I wanted to like it, but in all honesty nothing really stood out. It was an interesting concept, just could have been executed better.


Simple idea, great execution.


10 stars, obviously i was involved.


This one was in my favorites of the night. A clever take on the genre 'the film within a film'. Fast paced, albiet the Ouiji scene in the middle which seemed to lag a little.
And made with only 4 people according to the credits. You guys looked like you were having fun!!!


Congratulations BEDSTUY!

We worked hard to create something fun, memorable and most importantly - in on time! I had a ball (pun intended) creating 'Pinscow's Entry' with you all on our little team of 4 (5 for writing tips on Friday) and I'm looking forward to doing it all again next year. Thanks to all the other teams participating and especially to those who've taken the time to leave us a review. We're definitely the underdog among some very skilled and talented professional teams - so best of luck everyone...but mostly to us!! ;)


I like how simply and effectively the genre was interpreted. I don't remember the storyline too well, but I remember it being a fun watch. =)


I really liked this film, it was well shot and had a good grind house feel. The acting was superb and funny. It also had everything I like in it, like weed, alcohol and Satan.
Mad props to these guys!


Didn't give any thought to the "film within a film" genre resulting in a complete lack of story. The team obviously wanted to make a horror, and they did but only because of the tropes they included. I can appreciate a team having fun making a film, but it didn't translate to a fun viewing experience sorry.