'Flicker' by Asylum

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The Time Travel Movie
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Most awesome film EVER - coz its my team.

Hi guys, thanks for all your reviews. really appreciate it. Was quite puzzled about this 'film' we ripped off, so we went searching for it online. Thanks for letting us know but, the truth is we've never seen it before. Sorry if you guys felt that we did that. We really work hard to come up with something original, and have obviously not watched every awesome short online.


The best of the night IMO. Someone mentioned it was a rip off of another short film, but I have never seen it so kudos to you!!!!


Visually impressive, nicely acted, however I did feel the ending felt a little contrived and unsatisfying. I found it difficult to connect to the main character or care what happened to her. All the same a great effort and congratulations on winning Audience Favourite!


My jaw actually dropped. so well done. Maybe not that original storywise, but so well executed.


Well shot, acted etc.....the only downside being an obvious rehash of another superior short film.


Very well executed. I was genuinely scared.


I absolutely loved this film! I was on the edge of my seat. Brilliant take on Time Travel. I connected with this film in a way because I currently live in a restored villa and I often wonder what people living here years and years before me use to do in the rooms here. I enjoyed the acting, the suspense, the colouring and cinematography of the film...it gave me goosebumps. Thumbs up!


Wow. Absolutely stunning film! My reaction to watching it was a very strong one; which is the sign of a truly great piece of work, one that divides audiences and particularly one particular person's view of the film - I think means it's hit it's mark. A1 shooting, editing, costumes, props and FX...so well done! Hats off to the best of the 'professional teams' from my heat.


The idea was simple and beautifully executed. Gorgeous cinematography, EXCELLENT acting (dude, the lead actress- AH-mazing.) and LOVED how Morgan Foster and the line of dialogue was used. A benchmark for our team to aspire to- Well done Team Asylum!


I second the amazing actress comment


A well deserved runner up in Auckland and will be a contender at the nationals. A wonderful performance from the lead, beautifully shot, and expertly directed. Loved the way the elements were used as well. A masterclass.


Wow, just wow.

This team is consistently excellent and this year they stepped it up again.

A woman goes to turn off a light as she leaves the lounge and it flickers and she sees a ghost of a past house tenant. This continues to it's brilliant conclusion.

This was beautifully shot, well edited and the acting was brilliant! I would expect it in the national final