'Ballsed Up' by Une

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Ballsed Up
The Shock Ending Movie
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Maybe there's a reason why they didn't hand in anything more elaborate but being this short and filming from one angle just seemed lazy rather than clever. Acting good and ticked all the competition boxes


This film got my top vote after my own. While I can see how others were left wanting, I want to congratulate the film makers for their bravery. Their single shot (!) film had a unique camera angle, excellently crafted script, perfect delivery, spot-on sound and every aspect felt purposeful. The film directly followed Tyrannosaurus Shark's collection of micro-shorts which I think played against this film for the audience appreciation, despite being a perfect display of quality, not quantity. I'm looking forward to seeing the short again. Cheers for a clever film, Une.


Great little film, if these guys re-shot it on better equipment I could actually see it getting into real festivals.


Just because you have seven minutes doesn't mean you should use them all! Seeing a film like this makes me wish more teams entered shorter movies. The use of elements wasn't hugely unique, though it fitted well with their story and didn't seem like it was just thrown in at the last minute which is more than can be said for the majority of 48 Hour movies.


Whilst climbing a tree to retrieve a ball, a man gets some interesting news from his girlfriend.

This short is a perfect example of how you can make an effective, imaginative and engaging film without needing to fill the seven minutes. Despite it's length, there was more than sufficient characterisation and the single shot was an excellent choice so to hold the viewer's attention. I'd love to know how many takes you did! I also liked the way you used the required line.

Congratulations on making the film you wanted to make - a really good lesson for a lot of entrants. One of my favourites of 2014!