'Strength Through Adversity' by Tyrannosaurus Shark

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Strength Through Adversity
The Against the Odds Movie
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Thanks for voting us audience favourite, everyone. We've heard you and next year we while strive to have even more peeing scenes.


Thank people on the forums, not on here it fudges the stats!

As far as collections of sketches go this is an admirable effort, some hit the mark perfectly and some needed some reworking (the Morgan scene sticks out as a low light) but the highs beat out the lows.

After last year, seeing the same awesome team intro for the second time, I hoped for a new awesome team intro this year but was left watching the same joke for a third time. You lot have proven your comedy chops, I am certain you can come up with something as good or better, it would be a real treat to see something else next year.


Screw a long, thought-out story! Sometimes you just want to laugh at a ridiculous amount of dudes peeing and that's what Tyrannasaurus Shark gave us! I think you would have gotten away with less sketches...there was no real reason to have that length of film, but I laughed at them all the same!

I must agree with vfs, though. Come on, you guys! You can do a new team intro. Step it up a notch!


Overall funny film but could have done with a more concise story done in more depth. Definitely interesting and could see why it was crowd favourite.