'Blind Interview' by TouchCats

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Blind Interview
The Rom Com
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Charming, funny, witty, a nice pic :)


This film gave me a little aaww moment at the end and a few laughs, but I found the story a little hard to follow - the relationship between the two characters was a little difficult to connect with. Well done on your film to a team with an amusing name.


Lead actress did an okay job of being a crazy spiteful ex, but the other performances were pretty terrible. Nice shot composition and use of scenery but the poor lighting on the actors ruined what could have been fantastic shots, some of the time it was really difficult to see the leading ladies face which is a shame because she was the highlight.


Next year consider some kind of 'awkward-banter' film. Your actors did a wonderful job of that type of acting, but as soon as they tried anything else it started getting a little wooden. Your lighting let you down as well, and shrouded arguably the best part of the movie (the lead actress) in shadows for half the film. Grab a big piece of white-polystyrene or cardboard and throw that mother in front of their faces next time. Something as simple as that would have dramatically changed the look of the film.

I didn't really believe the story, but the banter between the actors was pleasant to watch so good job!