'Lying Dead' by Toasted Wolfgang

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Lying Dead
The Horror or Splatter Movie
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Some really nice shots and use of effects. The film itself was a tad confusing but a solid 48 none the less.


Some really nice camera tricks/horror shots. Unfortunately the protagonist was not someone we wanted to like, he was the bad guy, so the suspense of bad things happening to him was ruined. If he had been a good guy we would have worried about him but instead I was just waiting for him to get his comeuppance which is not as satisfying.


For a team that seems to not have had a long list of actors available I think they did an excellent job at working around this. Some freaky shots and a fun surprise ending, but the tension was a little hard to grasp. Well done to Toasted Wolfgang for their good work with this difficult genre.


Well done for making some people jump at the end, but shock horror is too easy and doesn't do anything for me. Tension is what should be in a horror movie and there was none of that in the film at all. I would have liked to see more exploration into the relationship between Morgan and our protagonist and perhaps some form of revalation for him at the end - something for him to learn.

There were some pretty shots, though.


Wonderful shock at the end and brilliant use of shots and line, but I must agree in that there was a certain lack of tension throughout. Still for the cinematography it remains a favourite of mine from this heat.