'eight point six ' by Team Spielberg

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eight point six
The Race against the Clock Movie
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Nice idea even if it is pretty overused, however didn't like the constant narration. Seems like you took the easy way out getting someone to say what's happening rather than showing it.


I really liked this film; a clever and relatable glimpse into the dilemma of two men trying to work up the courage to ask someone out.

The film's humour worked really well and I loved the hypothetical "here's the plan" sequence that was clearly inspired by Shaun of the Dead. The twist at the end was neat too, you did a good job of keeping my attention on the two leads as I was genuinely surprised by the film's outcome.

Well done!


For a race against the clock genre it seemed way too relaxed with very little suspense, or any emotion really. It was pretty funny and well shot with good locations. It was very believeable but it wasn't emotionally grabbing enough. Good film though, I enjoyed it!


Two men who are somewhat limited in the art of romance, debate their plan of action for asking a woman out.

This is a funny, light-hearted short with plenty of well thought-through moments. The breaking of the fourth wall works and things build up nicely to the twist ending. The acting was sound, with the leads generating a good chemistry, even if some of the dialogue they had to work with was somewhat lifeless. Liked the music and visually there was some good use of the camera. In a few scenes the audio struggled with dialogue seemingly overpowered by background noise.

A fun, enjoyable short!