'Broken Record' by Sideways Productions

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Broken Record
The Film within a Film
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Well made! But the humour was not my thing, I found the whole poo joke a bit too much. But actually a very good story and yeah just really well done. So congrats!


Sideways Productions are well known for their sleek production values and elegant stories. This year’s entry was far left field of their usual work, but it was still an excellent, enjoyable film; if you’re not intimidated by a little – ok a lot of poo.

The story follows a group of friends trying to set a mini-golf record during a bachelor’s party. They get into the usual trouble as the film unfolds.

It was a bit crude, and there were points where I wished for an extra set of hands to cover my eyes and ears at the same time, but it was still very enjoyable. The audience seemed to love it, with laughs and groans in all the right places, and the film was fairly well shot and cut together, which meant the story was tight and well presented.

I’m not sure I’d watch it again, but that’s due to personal tastes, and it’s by far one of the better films of the competition. This team will go far and they did a really amazing job.


Man, that was hilarious and very well put together. Can't say a bad thing about it.


Always a fan of your films, and this years was no exception. I thought it was a great use of the character, and one of the first films I've seen to understand how to use the "film within a film" conceit properly. The jokes flew hard and fast, the acting was solid all around (I particularly liked Jeff and Morgan).


I really enjoyed this one, out of all of the sideways films I've seen from the 48 it's probably my favourite. The story tells the tale of a stag do where the groom Morgan Foster wants to break the mini golf course record before he's married the next day which means they are all dressed in wild outfits. The twist being that the best man has given everyone laxatives because you focus best when you really need to take a dump. I feel like a real prude saying this but I thought the shit jokes were a bit much for me, I wonder if there would be a better way to make the journey tough for Morgan Foster but it wasn't so object able that it affected my enjoyment of the film. I was going to say that for a film within a film it could have had a little bit more of the film which the film was in if that makes sense but I've just looked at the 6:43 runtime and I'm not sure how much they could do with 17 seconds that would have fixed that without slowing the film down.
Anyways it was shot well, grade looked good and sound was mixed pretty well too so yeah good stuff, as they say "Maybe next year".