'These Things' by PickleThugs

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These Things
The Against the Odds Movie
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Well shot grabbing that magic hour light for their ending scene. The male lead had a pretty well acted breakdown moment. But was a lot of dramatic piling on. The melodrama bell was ringing a lot throughout this. A brother who can't get over the death of his father, must find his sister who has the fathers ashes before she scatters them. In my opinion, you just can't try throw that much of an emotional journey at an audience in a short film. We've got 6 minutes to get into the characters world and get on board their journey.Clever shorts are about clever moments, not the biggest moment. But good execution guys, definitely a talented team, just have a bit of growth in terms of story telling to go through-- which will always happen.


A pretty tough genre for a 6 minute short but these guys pulled it off well. Must agree slightly with above comment on melodrama but thought both leads executed said melodrama with enough honesty for it to come off as 'real'. The in between scenes of male protagonist trying to find his sister were quirky and interesting. Beautiful sunset scene and as always production values and cinematography were gorgeous. Another wonderful film from an always top-notch young team.


A man, struggling to cope with the death of his father, chases after his sister in order to recover his dad's ashes.

I'm a big Pickle Thugs fan and so always look forward to their 48HOUR shorts. Their 2014 effort had all their usual trademarks - the filming, the look, the sound and the creativity all working together. The story itself was reasonably engaging even if could have been told in half the time. I think if you're really going to nail a serious drama in this competition then you have to really find a way to pull at the heart-strings, which is no easy task. "These Things" doesn't quite get there even if the lead actors gave it their very best shot. I felt that this short lacked some of the pace and energy of earlier Pickle Thugs films and so just missed the mark.

I'm still a big fan though!