'Mi Amgio Mandarena' by Grand Cheval

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Mi Amgio Mandarena
The Race against the Clock Movie
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Grand Cheval stepped it up a notch this year. 2011 champions are back with a hilarious, quirky, Mexican inspired, race against the clock film. The clock in this case being Morgan's pet fish Mandarena, whose tank is slowly leaking water after a car crash.
The performance from the lead (and a tearjerking performance from the goldfish) make this film very enjoyable to watch. It's so simple with its concept, but executed perfectly. The pitch is great, the cinematography was fantastic (this was really filmed in New Zealand??), and the ending was great (got an "awww" from the audience).

Well done Grand Cheval, you've stepped up your game from last year, and are back in the running for the grand prize.


I don’t want to take anything away from the winning film (which was brilliant in it’s own right), but ‘Mi Amgio Manderena’ was the standout film in my opinion and must have gone very close to winning. I expect it to be in the running for the national prize. Was a complete short film. Stunningly shot (deserved it’s best cinematography award), but more importantly the story was captivating and engaging. Great performance from the lead, and the ending got a huge reaction from the audience. The Mexican style of the film was beautifully done. Can’t wait to see this again.


This was a very simple story, well told and well acted.

A car crash leaves a guy with two broken legs, and his best friend (a goldfish) in a leaking tank. He has to race against the clock to get his fishy friend to safety before the tank dries out.

Another great film from this team that have produced some strong films from the start.


Loved this film. Simple, yet well told.Funny,heartbreaking.I like that the element of time was not thrown in your face,with a clock or a specific amount of time but the surviving of the fish which was the against the clock element. Great soundtrack and cinematography. Deserves all the awards it and accolades it received.Well done guys.