'Thuq Lief' by Nerp

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Thuq Lief
The Musical or Dance Movie
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This film was simply, one of the greatest recreations life in a teenage relationship that I have ever sighted. The amount of effort, emotion and devotion to this piece really makes this film a great success. Never in my life have I seen a film that touched my heart to the point of tears and engaged my brain with all the twists and turns of these teenagers relationships. In the scene involving Morgan Foster and the unknown love of Morgan; I never could of predicted how their friendly relationship took a turn for a dirty scandal fresh out of the ovens of Peter Jackson's kitchen. The camerawork and editing was one of the things that brought the film down as it was simply too good to be done by humans. Behind the scenes of this film Nerp worked very hard on screenwriting, directing and filming this piece while also rapping and creating the score for the film. His work is simply an inspiration to mankind and anyone aspiring to be a hard worker or even the President of the United States.

In conclusion I believe this is the feature film everyone who lives in this decade has been hoping for. For the people unable to see this film I would like open a charity I will call, "Charity for Thuqz" in order to help those in need of financial support when travelling all over the country to watch this film repeatedly. I would like to give my thanks to Nerp for their help in finding myself and giving me an answer to all my problems I have in my personal life. Finally I would like to rate this film 10/10 and nominate it for best film at the Golden Globes 2015 to 2215.


While there was great competition in this heat, with the previous year's winners for Musical also participating, the comedy that went into twisting and toying with the audience's expectation was just amazing to watch. At the start, we are led to believe this is to be a serious film, but the comedic undertones are definitely highlighted in a clever way as to not treat the audience as stupid.

The "mexican Thuqz" are a good portrayal of a characters conscious, especially a guilty one for a liar such as Morgan. The music wasn't the best but it was done in a way and style so that it added to the overall feel of the movie, which was to in the simplest, have a laugh, make the audience satisfied and clearly describe the different aspects of it's story and plot which not many of the other films did. The narrative resolution wasn't done in a way where every single question is answered, 'why is he eating a banana?", nobody knows, but that was the genius in itself, the major plot of the cheating was addressed with the musical aspect, with the subplots and comedic aspects left to slight interpretation from the viewer, but not so much that they were not answered at all, which other films struggled with heavily.

The cinematography was good but could use slight improvement, otherwise, well done.

Loved working on this with everyone.


Great film, I loved the musical aspect of it, keep up the good work :). Gave it an eight because the cinematography let it down... Otherwise, I had a laugh watching it


Loved the music, i'm a big fan of the genre. Cinematography was alright for what they had. Still very good though, would recommend.


I think this movie was incredible funny, the camera work could use some work, but the comedic value that it has far out ways that. Great work guys xxx




This had a very interesting premise with the singers(?)/thugs showing up every time Morgan told a lie, but it could have used better execution. If I could give separate results, one for execution and one for ideas, ideas would definitely get a 9/10 because of how well it was thought out. The one grainy and noisy scene could have used better transitioning as it was just put in there with no context or any kind of fade-in or fade out.

I liked the two songs, the rapping one especially because of it's unexpectedness but maybe more music could have accompanied the film, perhaps in the opening scene.

Again, better execution would do the film wonders in regard to transitioning and maybe more ambient and background music, otherwise a good piece for what was shown.

EDIT: Changing my rating to an 8/10 because I think I was a bit too harsh on what was developed as a comedic movie. By no means perfect, could use improvement.


Shits hype.


really cool movie! it was a bit silly at times but the songs and the comedy was good. as others said, the shots were shaky but otherwise i enjoyed it. apart from one of the scene's where it was noisy, original storyline and comedic music!


A pretty funny film. You should be proud. The audio let you down so I didn't give you 10\10 but otherwise it was great


Cinematography and audio were the weak points here, but still an enjoyable short film