'Dead End Job' by Mukpuddy

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Dead End Job
The Horror or Splatter Movie
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Mukpuddy doesn't disappoint with another punchy animation that looks like it should've taken way longer than 48 hours. Morgan Foster was just adorable, and definitely a top pick for best use of character. Great to hear the range of accents expanding too, not sure how many regional British accents we could really expect to hear in an American gas station.

My only complaint is that the totally dark scene went on too long and just seemed like a way of avoiding some time-consuming animation. Perhaps if the character's eyes were still visible during some (not all) of it, then it wouldn't have detracted so much from an otherwise well polished film. Fingers crossed for these guys making the finals.


Great film from one of the most talented teams in this competition. The animation is always superb in Mukpuddy films, but it’s their story telling and characters that stand out in this one. Can’t believe one person did all the voices?? Loved the Jeff Bridges like voice of the main character. A main contender for the top prize.


Damn these guys are good. Such slick and amazing animation it just doesn't look like something made by 3 guys in 48 hours, such is the quality of their work.

The characters were hilarious and Ryan's voicing is just brilliant.

A well deserved winner of the AK final and I would presume a shoe in for national finals. Brilliant work.


An 80s video game and a comfy chair, work the late shift at the local (but isolated) gas station and deal with the eclectic group of characters that frequent their workplace.

Yeah, this is outstanding. Wonderful animation, great story, superb voice work and such an awesome cast of characters. The Road Cone is seriously the best villain I've seen in an animated film since Feathers McGraw. Morgan is the perfect mix of cute and creepy, Techno Douche is hilarious, and Kevin and Eddie are an excellent double act. The Teapot was the only character I didn't like and well that worked out well for me!

I've watched this so many times it's insane! Amazing stuff, Mukpuddy!