'[im]mature' by Orientale

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The Race Against The Clock Movie
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This was my favourite of the heat. Good acting. Good light entertainment. And some really funny bits that stick in my mind (especially the scene with the parents).


This was a charming, funny film that had me and the audience cracking up. A teenager feels she hasn't truly experienced everything a teenager should, and so, with the help of her friend, sets out to get through a bucket list of teen must-do activities before she turns 18. The lead actresses are great and the antics are lots of fun to watch. The performances and the premise really seemed like something that could make for a cool TV show. I thought is was really well edited too. It was really nice to see a story based on charm and character. Very sweet.
Great work from a young team. I loved it.


I think this might be my favourite script of the entire competition so far. Three days out from her 18th birthday, a girl decides she hasn't lived enough of her life and draws up a pre-adulthood bucket list. This is of course to prevent a midlife crisis in future that is bound to happen due to the human body clock. So what could be on this list? Boys, partying, rebelling...and "exploring self-identification". Just wow. I thoroughly enjoyed this and think you should win best teen film this year; your comic timing is amazing.