'Manipulation' by Haggis Films

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The Action / Adventure Movie
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An action thriller about a man manipulated in to being a kind of hit man for shadowy bad guys. I admire this team in their attempt to pull off a straight drama, with a young cast. They commit to it. You can see the team working hard to make a film in a genre, without poking fun at it. It's a big ask and although the characters and the story are a bit cold and hard to love, the team get some good work in to their film. There's some nice action cinematography and lighting in the climactic shoot out scene for example.


Super-hyper start to the film piqued my attention, this had a couple of really fantastic shots and lighting as well as some good stunt work. However it also completely ripped off Hitman. You definitely have a great eye for style, so try and come up with something a bit more original next time.


Great action camera work and it is easy to follow the storyline. Lighting fits really well with the theme and the storyline definitely fits with an action film. Characters could have done with a bit more development so that the viewer knows what is going on. Good movie though!


I loved the fact that this young crew managed to incorporate many amazing shots. The lighting was amazing and the action sequences where sublime. Even though the acting let the story down a bit, i love a simple story thats easy to follow but captivating.