'Wetwork' by Common Creatives

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The Crime Movie
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I thought the way the shots were used to put the scenes together in this film was very competent. For a young team they showed great ability to put a film together in terms of the cinematography and editing. The acting performances were committed and commendable as well. I felt gutted for the team that a crucial sound effect was out of place, since the rest of the film was technically good. I've been there. It didn't detract too much though.
The film is about a couple of wannabe hit-men, which was fine for creating some drama, but really, it's hard to be sympathetic towards a hit man, even if he is an insomniac. I wasn't really emotionally engaged by the characters as much as I would have liked to have been, but I was still impressed by the film.


Life is a cycle that is like living an asylum, proclaims our protagonist, a seemingly innocuous voiceover at the start of the film that has far greater ramifications when you reflect on the events that unfold over the rest of the film. DAMN shame about the lights in the theatre being stuffed up for this one; sorry guys! (It wasn't my fault, something to do with an alarm being tripped). I saw in your intro you were shooting on a DSLR and whoever was your DOP did an excellent job + the grading was lovely. We followed assassins with one really strung out due to lack of sleep and determined to get his kill at any cost. Beautiful and took the risky serious approach. A little bit bland though for the most part but worked great when you went into dark comedy near the end and so think it would have benefited to explore that angle a bit more.