'Four Hours Sleep' by Best Damn Pram Team

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Four Hours Sleep
The Musical Movie
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I really liked this one. A musical about a trippy drug trial with some funny moments. Good easy watching.


We were warned before the film played that the team would take revenge on us for given them musical, so I embraced myself for some cringe and yet found myself really enjoying a charming little film. It was very random and sporadic, as Vic Meyer tried to find a cure to help them sleep complete with some Eyes Wide Shut masks and ballroom dancing. I hate bagpipes but their use was perfect comedic timing. The 'Ron Weasley' credit also brought a laugh.


This was actually my favourite film of the night.
I particularly enjoyed the seemingly advanced technical aspects of the piece, as well as the way it managed to scare you shitless while also slapping a smile onto your face.
Hell, if this is the result, perhaps the 'Best Damn Pram Team' should get musical every year.