'The Silent Box' by Bentbox

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The Silent Box
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The Non Dialogue Movie
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Well paced. Good makeup. Interesting idea. Quite watchable.


Intriguing premise. I might have enjoyed more pay-off in the story; more explanation, maybe. On the other hand, the mystery of it is part of it's appeal. I'm not sure. An original film, that was very different to the rest of the films in the heat.
The make-up really set this film apart; it was good and creepy.
The whole film had the tone of an episode of The Twilight Zone or something like that. I like that.


Probably the best horror film I've seen so far this year. A sinister looking box has quite severe consequences when a couple of young lads decide to open it up. Why is it full of strange looking photographs? This left a lot up to the audience to interpret and was much the better for it. Neat visual effects and make up, well shot and a creepy atmosphere throughout. Thumbs way up.