'The Pulse' by Voice of Legends

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The Pulse
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The Techno Thriller Movie
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Very funny favourite of the night. Cool intro too it actually got some cheers from the audience. The whole film was tight and had a pretty cool concept. The dialogue was funny and you could actually hear because of cleanly recorded sound and well done soundtrack. Favourite scene was the old ladies at the end haha very nice touch. Could have had a slightly more dynamic ending but it was a good job! Hope you go through.


Great use of the insomnia thing - tying it into the plot was brilliant. Good funny moments. A little slow in the middle but the beginning was gripping! Story a little disjointed but overall entertaining!


This team gave me that feeling of being just a little bit too confident in their intro, however they delivered a good film so I'll forgive them for that. Two soldiers were sent back in time to try and stop a mad scientist from unleashing the prevention of sleep as we know it the world over. A basic framework, but one that allowed the team to essentially make a buddy film full of jokes, although personally many of them fell fat but I still appreciated the jovial spirit presented on screen. One of the better Vic Meyer's so far, with quite dastardly aspirations in fact.


Legendary intro! A very Jim Abrahams film (Flying High, Naked Gun, Top Secret) that had quite a few laughs. I found the ending was a bit predicable and forced, but loved the fight scene with old computers in the lair being smashed! My pick of the top for this heat!