'S4D_2013' by S 4 D

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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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This was one of those films where I had little idea of what was going on. Had the potential to be a cool cyborg film but it wasted the majority of its time with some guy spouting unfunny dialogue for 5 minutes. Really wish you would have left his dialogue out and had some cool fights between the androids and cyborg.


I wasn't quite sure what was going on in this film. I sort of grasped the concept but some better scripting would have made the story line more clear...


A 'breather' prepares to confront 3 Androids, and in preparation tells verrry detailed stories of his previous freedom fighting/cases that he dealt with. I was going to say there were some nice sound design touches but then I remembered that the levels were loud to the point of making me grate my teeth. Definitely needed to show rather than tell much more than it did, I was looking forward to the showdown but instead got one tinny raygun shot before the end.


That was a totally surreal film. I had no idea what was going on - and I kinda like that. When I think back to the heats, this is the movie that actually sticks in my head - probably because I am still trying to figure it out :-) The monologue reminded me of something from another movie, but for the life of me I can't place it... Crazy Genius!