'Blade of Insomnia' by R17 Production House

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Blade of Insomnia
The Action / Adventure Movie
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The story was pretty good, it made sense and had a conclusion. I would have to say for an action film the fighting was pretty poor but there was some cool shots in there but some faster fighting would have been better. Also that guy had a hairy chest! haha


A martial arts teacher shuts down his dojo after an accidental death under his watch, and the rest of the film was mostly about his mental anguish/fighting other warriors in his dreams. Despite the disclaimer that this would be the most random film we'd see in 48 hours this year I'd disagree as I've already seen my fair share of animal outfits and ninjas this year. It was actually relatively straightforward compared to a lot of other films, with some nice shots, it was just very tedious. Given the martial arts training at the beginning it would have been nice to see some proper martial arts fighting given you had action as your genre.


I was expecting a total dogs breakfast based on the R17 forum posts about all the rendering problems, but the whole thing came together pretty well - and the audio didn't drop out half way through like feared. Sure the fighting could have been better, but who has 6 months of movie fight training to fall back on in 48hrs (well, other than some of the 'pro' teams). Great job!


Not bad for a first effort film, quirky story, pretty good acting, bizzare costumes ! what more can you ask from a short ?


The story was easy enough to follow, as others had commented the fight scenes were lacking. In regards to the fight sequences, this could be rectified in post/editing with quick cuts instead of cross fades as cross-fades are typically used as transitions or in terms of visual language to show that time has passed. A few nice compositions/shots and a few missed opportunities. Its always hard for first timers, but you can only grow from here on out.


There was definitely some potential here, but I don't think it was really fulfilled. As I saw it, the main thrust of your story was Vic overcomes depression while he is hallucinating due to insomnia. It's a good concept, but telling your story entirely visually (with far too few lines to dialogue) really let you down, and the idea wasn't especially related to the genre you were assigned. The silent movie-style dissolves of various headlines were a fairly bland form of exposition, and it would have been smarter to integrate this via dialogue into the various hallucination/fantasy sequences, therefore having the audience discover more about Vic as the film goes on in a way that gives shape to the plot. Given that you didn't have any kick-ass martial arts choreography, it probably wasn't your strongest choice for 48Hours to make a martial arts movie, and I would suggest that next year you weigh up the practicality of your story before deciding to go with it. There was some nice framing, but overall the film was a bit of a mess visually, telling the story but not in a particularly interesting way.


Awesome you made a movie in under 48hrs. you have been told all your faults from other reviewers so I won't put the boot in ;) I liked you choice of music and I think it went well with your topic. the colouring of the bush scenes gave a nice feel. you know where you went wrong build on it and come back stronger next year. well done for a first timer.


Everyone else has already said the major points. The Dojo being a room in a Lockwood house had me unconvinced from the start so it was hard to shift from that original perception (for me). Onesies are just wrong, especially on characters who are supposed to be the baddies, but that was the subject already of a whole different Forum thread. I guess to sum it up, in my view there just wasn't enough that was believable in the context of the genre.