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The Immobolised Movie
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[DQ] A very bad couple of days are chronicled for our lead actor, who goes from having a girlfriend and thinking he was going to have a nice enjoyable day hunting, to not really being in the same mindset by the end of the film. I understand that the narration came whilst said lead was immobilised, but most of the on-screen action was not in that situation. Difficult call I guess as the genre could be interpreted as being an end result whereas in my mind the idea would be immobilisation for the majority of on-screen action. Technically good for the most part as per usual, and the dog did a great job.


Was interesting to see another movie shot in the same genre that we had to film in and how it was presented. Like us, you presented as a leadup to being immobilized, rather than an entire movie presented as being immobilized. Like Steelpotato, when I got through editing ours, I did wonder if it is in the spirit of the genre (I do hope it is, for both of us).

I liked the breaking the fourth wall style (the gag about the TV remote had me giggling) and the commitment of the lead being hung upsidedown. Not sure I got the reason for going hunting (though as someone who's food comes from the supermarket, hunting is probably lost on me) and was impressed that the lead got from not being able tie a knot to a snare capable of lifting a human :-)

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