'Fifty / Fifty' by HALF Time

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Fifty / Fifty
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The Musical Movie
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Didnt enjoy this one very much. Pretty low quality with sound and video and didn't really enjoy the story. Poker scene was probably the best scene.


A good musical score. Nice to see original music and some very talented musicians and actors. I liked the theme of the coin flipping throughout the short.
I found this a very confusing story. On one hand there was the dysfunctional family and on the other hand was the gambling problem which weren't brought together very well. It was a little hard to follow but there was a clear message. A better conclusion would have made this this film very good i.e resolving the issues that arose.
This was one of my favourites tonight. there was something that drew me in and I can't put my finger on what it was. I really enjoyed it.


A teen team explored gambling addiction here and the distance it can put between people, as well as its highs and lows. There were some really good harmonies in your music, but live on camera sound for singing is generally a bad idea, because the lack of clarity meant I had a hard time distinguishing the lyrics. A couple of neat editing effects.


my favourite film of the evening, very well made. good luck!


This was a really well done film. Some interesting ideas and film techniques. I agree with above that on-camera singing may not have been the best idea, but overall a very compelling film, with what looks like a lot of hard work put into it.


Well I watched it to the end, which is good thing as it's very easy to stop some films half way through. You had a conflict (at home), a nice nod to Nicky Brick, a brief bit of confusion over exactly who was Vic, and a couple of songs. I like the lead singers' voice on the first number and thought you could have made more of her nice tones. I suspect too many specific brands featured, like the very recognisable beer bottles and the array of products in supermarket scene. The friend-when-in-need's house looked very much the same as the home location so some clear differentiation would have helped there. In the end, I wasn't sure what the end was. Was she going to jump, or just trying to decide whether to gamble more? If you were aiming for a open ending, you achieved it.