'Spill It' by 400 Stinkin Feet

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Spill It
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The Crime Movie
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This was pretty funny. I enjoyed the acting and humour. The effects with the lab scene and the picture close ups was also pretty sweet. Enjoyed it! Just a few technical problems but overall good job.


David Caruso eat your heart out! The POV peeing was one of the best uses of the required shot I have seen so far. This CSI parody followed a murder investigation where the only real evidence they had was shoe registration of the apparent killer. Full of one-liners, taking the piss out of cop show computer systems (zoooooming in and maintaining clarity) this was really enjoyable. The guy with the Murray/Flight of the Conchords voice was excellent, but some of the other acting was a bit wooden and I did notice a couple of audio errors. Yeahhh!!!


Thank god Steelpotato put me out of my misery. I had been wracking my brain trying to figure out who the voice reminded me of. I was so familiar, but I just couldn't place it.

It was a pretty funny pisstake, with a good twist at the end. I bet when the 48hrs team thought up POV as the required camera angle they didn't anticipate quite so many urination scenes! I think there were 3 in this set of heats - but yours was the only one that had some context to the movie.