'Unclosed' by 2 Dinosaurs

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The Crime Movie
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Yeah not too great. Was pretty low quality sound and video wise. The story wasn't very inventive either. The guy was pretty creepy though haha. It was funny when her pen got stuck in her hair too! The sound effects in the library sounded like a flashback to a porno lol


A rookie cop experiences her first murder investigation but not everything is what it seems. I understand going for the laugh with him in a very long trench coat and her in a very short skirt, but someone voiced their concerns about this to me and it did stand out in my mind as well. I'm no prude and this would be a tame example, but it is an example nevertheless of the unnecessary objectification of women in 48 hours. The conclusion was really quite creepy, but felt like the film could have either kept going a bit more or tried to give us motivation given the position of the revealed killer.