'One Last Game' by Farmwest Film Co

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One Last Game
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The Action / Adventure Movie
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Definitely adventure more than action as a couple of siblings set out for treasure that they believe their grandfather will have left them after they scatter his ashes. This sparks the sister up as she has been given a 48 hour notice of foreclosure, and so the hunt for treasure represents a chance to save the farm. That description makes the plot far more convulated than it was. The main charm behind this film was its true blue kiwi dialogue and positive energy, which overcame any technical shortfalls it may have had.


This film came together like a childrens play. this was not entirely a bad thing. The sense of enjoyment came through from the actors right into the audience.


Awesome! my favourite parts... the hill slip (a great piece of unplanned goodness) and the sequence that followed. The cut shots and music really picked up the pace and made you get that little excited butterfly feeling (excuse the feminine description, but you know what I mean). Really cool. Well done!


In the end ... it was kinda sweet (as in warm fuzzy). Wellington wind, actually any wind, is a bugger - would have given you another star if you had looked after that aspect better. It was a bit wooden at times but definitely had an charm of its own.