'Shuffle' by Cuttlefish Collective

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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I found this actually quite moving. Seeing a relationship disintegrate over beat-boxing and solitaire was strangely ... sad. I actually quite liked it. It went on a bit long and got a bit repetitive but nevertheless I liked it.


Awesome beatboxing, not a lot else in terms of content at first glance but did end up doing a good examination of a couple’s deteriorating relationship. It seemed like we were put smack bang into the middle of the deterioration though, and would have been nice to see plot points having a cause and effect for dramatic development. Because it lacked this it got very tedious.


I really enjoyed the beatboxing and use of music and sound in this film. Unfortunately the story meandered a lot and took a while to really get to a point where it was clear what the conflict really was. There were some standout moments; I especially enjoyed the argument scene with the characters yelling at each other through a glass door. The audience could get a very clear gist of what was being said without the dialogue actually being clear. That kind of clever thinking shows that this team have the creativity to make a great film. Not perfect, but it showed some great promise and there were some solid performances for what is by nature a difficult genre to work with.


I agree with some of the other reviewers, that the biggest downfall for this short was the repetition of very similar material. It was easy to get a little lost in this. However, I can tell that there is a lot of heart in this. The most admirable part is how inseparable the main couple seemed. There was something very real in that relationship. Beat-boxing was a peculiar way to replace words, but it worked. The main problem was that scenes blurred into one another, without much diversity, and it was easy to get lost. Perhaps it could have done with a few more silent moments or something to contrast the intensity? A very challenging genre with an original take on it. Mad respect.