'Prime's Numbers' by Crepe Shoot

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Prime's Numbers
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The Reunion Movie
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This was the film I worked on so I'm biased as f*ck. Didn't quite hang together though did it? Some of the scenes individually I thought worked really well - especially the end scene I thought was beautiful. However overall it was a bit of a confusing mess. I think the metaphor for depression wasn't quite shown clearly enough.


This one intrigued me the most and it had my attention to find out what the hell was happening, with some good script, good acting, a seemingly good concept, and good production. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get it towards the end? I felt like maybe it was trying to elevate itself too much in its scripting, suddenly introducing a bunch of new concepts, and its idea was lost in the atmosphere, so I felt a bit confused by the time the credits rolled. I liked the doctor.


Great visuals, solid performances and a haunting soundtrack.
However I did think that the story needed more work. There was a cool concept here for a Reunion movie but I felt that the film didn't do as good a job of communicating what was happening. Instead it preferred to hold on to the mystery for as long as it could. When some solid exposition began, I didn't feel that we really knew enough about any of the characters to get a proper feel as to what was really going on. I felt there was a great idea in there, it just wasn't communicated well enough.


I don’t like giving away plot points, so I won’t, but something seemed amiss here to me in terms of tying everything together. This is of course not necessary, especially if the whole thing was potentially imagined as it seemed. Quite surreal in tone with bodies falling down windows and laying on railway tracks, as well as eyeball violence [Un Chien Andalou?], we chronicled a “Prime”s resistance to helping out those with more grandiose plans. Enough is enough; she wants sleep, where they can be killed, and they need to keep her awake through any means necessary. I thought this bended your genre too far but would be willing to give it a second chance.


This movie had a lot going for it - the soundtrack was magnificent, the acting was accomplished, the script seemed reasonably developed but (and this is a big BUT) where this film fell down for me was the story.. I had noo idea what was going on for most of it - it was a reunion, but an intervention - were the people clones or in someone's head - what was the intervention even for and so on. The confused narrative left this movie feeling like it ran for uch longer than the 7 minute max. length. It's a shame too, because last year I thought this team made one of the best films...


First off, nice intro! Your story was incredibly ambitious, seemed like the premise for a feature length film rather than a short film. But you did manage to sum it up well. The whole thing was a little confusing, messy at times, but well acted and had a stellar soundtrack. It was filmed well, however shots were a little disjointed. All things considered, this was a mean feat for 48hours. There are always things that can be improved with everyones film. I am a big fan of conspiracies and stories that try to break the expectations of what can be done in one weekend. Complicated, but worth the watch!