'Awake Like An Egyptian' by Confusers

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Awake Like An Egyptian
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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Their team name says it all. I wasn't sure how this was a converging storyline at all. Obviously I got the guy reading the paper and seeing the death notice but I had no idea why he travelled to Egypt. Or why the sarcophagus opened at the end. Just a bit confusing for my taste. Though I do love a good Z-Grade film.


I was with you for the first scene, but the plotting kind of weakened after that and if there was a joke, I missed it. Like it was set up as funny initially (and I really liked that title card) maybe but then it wasn't hugely. Ambitious to do a period piece, even if it had its feet firmly planted in parody, and I liked that part the most.


Last year’s best bad film winners really did not change their style too much, complete with shooting in Black and White again, but the laughs were more chuckles this time around than belly aches. Starting in 1210BC with a curse on a newy tombed mummy, we converged into the 60s as a tenuous family link was made.


After a suitably fun opening scene in ancient egypt that set up a great Z-grade romp, the film then took an odd twist into David-Lynch-does-a-comedy land with the two sisters in the sixties. Personally, I didn't think we got enough story from the sisters or museum guard to make this a genuine converging stories film. But then it didn't really feel like there was much of a story here at all but a series of scenes that roughly led to a punchline that kind of missed its mark.


I love your guys films. I was fortunate enough to see Dive Dive Dance (or the other way around?) and the fact that you guys continue your style and embrace the spirit of this competition is heartwarming. I am looking forward to seeing what you have for us next year!


It was just odd. I got stuck on the question of why it was in black and white? For 1210 BC, yep, I could see that, but not when it crossed to more recent times. It felt like that the whole premise was driven by having access to an appropriate casket for the main prop. The mummy aspect was too clean and pristine.