'Mother's Day' by Cinetrance

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Mother's Day
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The Crime Movie
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Like Steel Potato, I'm not that keen on the talking heads genre, also the ending left me very confused. However I enjoyed the journey that we took to get there. Some of the acting was great, and intentional or otherwise you've unearthed a star with the Irish girl.


Good acting, and I don't mind talking heads! That one dude's performance was pretty excellent, as with the Irish lady. I liked the suspense of it, not exactly knowing what was happening and who was the subject of the crime for a bit, but the ending was a little confusing and made the concept a little shaky. Good writing, though.


Great performances and an interesting story. Is it weird that I found their 30 second intro better than the actual film though?
I liked the set up of the film and the characters presented. Unfortunately it lost steam by the end with the final criminal act feeling like it missed a step. The end also felt a bit out of place next to the rest of the film. It did drag a little in the middle too. The make up on Vic as she fell victim to insomnia was great, by the way.


[DQ] Interviewees give their take on a daycare centre teacher who was a bit too endearing to the children, making them more than jealous when the annual celebration of motherhood rolls around. At the start I saw this going in several ways so it was quite engaging, but on the other hands I’m really not a fan of talking heads in 48 Hours. The sinister levels built throughout, although the ending was quite abrupt.


I enjoyed the characters in this film the most. The story had me pretty bewildered at the end, but I am sure it would make sense given another viewing. I suppose this is always a compromising element to any film, as we only have the one chance as a heat audience. So until I see it again, I will deduct a few points from my review (wank wank, right?). A classic story, somewhat familiar but with a very original kiwi twist, which is always a good thing. Well done :)