'Parkour Boys' by Newlands Shops Bada$$3z

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Parkour Boys
The Musical Movie
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Absolutely skitzo but had its heart In all the right plices. Full of rapping, beatboxing, parkour, fighting and…singing? Looked you were having a lot of fun. The only thing is that with musical it would be nice for some of the songs to develop the plot rather than being intros/boats throughout. The haphazard approach almost gave it a cinema verite feel.


Simply a fun film from go to whoah. The low budget aesthetitc was embraced and things like the totally obvious ADR became part of the impish joy of it all instead of a negative. The actors really threw caution to the wind and went for broke with public tomfoolery, singing, dancing, rough-housing and screaming. This film totally nailed the spirit of the 48HOUIRS competition - grab a camera and some mates and have a mean time making a film with all your heart and soul. The Dad Song should have won best song. Next time bring some headphones and an external mic so you can monitor the sound recording on location. I actually think a more coherent script may have hindered this film rather than helped, but generally it's a good thing.


You obviously had fun and the rapping/singing was OK. There's a few things you can work on for next time ... the sound levels and quality was all over the place so watch that, and wind noise is an absolute curse when you are filming outside so try a wind shield or cover. Be careful that you don't film random people when you're in public places - some in the background is OK if you can't distinguish them but a few that you caught were a bit close and therefore should have signed release forms. Take care with continuity (e.g. the card) and avoid brands where you can (card, hats, signs on buildings). I applaud you for giving it heaps and not holding back in your acting or singing.