'The Imaginary Crime' by Ca$h Money Production$

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The Imaginary Crime
The Crime Movie
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Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Well, a good question and one that takes us 7 minutes to examine. My main concern here was that almost every segment of the film was gathered around telling simplistic jokes. The big letdown was the fact that you introduced the characters and gave them backstories, and then threw these personality traits out the window. Would have actually been fun to see them behave the way you described. Your camera op has a good eye, but the script really needed work.


It had some potential. There was a crime (or was there?) and some characters that in other approaches would have had school kids re-enacting their earlier passion for biscuits, or even themselves dressed a school kids perhaps in order to fill out the motive aspects. Playing cards was a bit cliché though, with so many other teams using that same method to deliver the element. It just needed a bit more rounding out in terms of story development in order to lead the viewer to a compelling conclusion reveal.