'Faux Pas' by You, Sir!

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Faux Pas
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The Reunion Movie
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This film had some really good elements, particularly the use of song and dance and had an excellent dark plot concept at its centre. It's a shame that the sound wasn't smoother and the acting a little more honed as it had the potential to make a really good short.


Great film. Spooky, scary, funny, music was great. Some strong acting and great use of location. Some really beautiful shots.


Enjoyed this take on the 'reunion' genre. Some great shots in there and a few standout performers made this film one of my favs from the heat.


I like the music and some of the choreography in the film, it was tightly done, so maybe a bit more character development would not be a miss. The overall sound could be smoother, but they have managed to portray the dark/funny feel.


As a family drinks at a bar to mark the passing of a member, the attractive young daughter catches the attention of the waiter serving them. I'm not sure what the mother did or represented to stand in his way, as this developed into more of a horror film than a reunion film. Some of the script was quite good, but the showdown on the roof that led to strangulation lacked any tension.