'Vic Dreams' by Vertical Cinema Productions

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Vic Dreams
The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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Brilliant acting, the dream sequences were visually stunning, light-hearted, sweet, funny, and a great twist at the end. Nice work.


I know that it is obviously your team's style, but shooting 9:16 just seems bizarre on the cinema screen. The reason that Hollywood has historical shown more image wider than taller is that most audiences don't care about the lower half of actors, but I don't need to lecture, I'm sure you had your reasons for doing it this way.

It was a fun little film about an English Language teacher being absolutely adored by his class. All lessons try and steer clear of the subject of sleep for obvious reasons, but once his condition is found out it allows the obsession levels to ramp up...Just writing that now I realised that you kind of got the character trait wrong as he was constantly sleeping, wasn't he? Given my own film had a dream with a girl with an umbrella I'm willing to cut your some slack.


While this film was in my top 3 of the night, it was quite predictable and felt just a little drawn out. Still, I enjoyed watching it overall.
Again, personally I'm not keen on the aspect ratio - but it was probably the one thing that made your film stand out and it WAS different. This is probably the one place where you can get away with it so fair enough.


I really enjoyed this film (it was one of my favourites from heat 20). The idea was clean and simple, and the main actor was charming. The 'Language Lesson' scenes were a great easy light-hearted laugh.
The vertical 'tall-screen' ratio was a little off-putting but I quickly forgot about it and just got sucked into the film.