'bad poker' by Unknown Pictures

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bad poker
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The Immobolised Movie
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This film came up with a good concept to fit the genre. It was nicely executed as it moved amongst different locations and the technical problems with the image didn't diminsh the film too much. It would have been nice to see it end without using a somewhat worn cliche but it was still enjoyable to watch


Nice little short. Strongest part for me was the acting where the storyline was a bit stretched. Enjoyable nevertheless.


A shame that you had lots of video artefacts/errors turn up in your screening. I was surprised that a few more teams didn't put Immoblised and Insomniac together to get Sleeping Beauty like you guys. You managed to show the streets without activity from others quite well, definitely had an eery feeling. Just needed more of a stronger storyline to tie everything together.


Shame about the video issues. Quite enjoyable and a great atmosphere nonetheless.