'Toeten im Namen der Lieb' by Vicious Delious

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Toeten im Namen der Lieb
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The Crime Movie
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Black and White can be sweet, but if you are going to take such an approach then you should have a clear reason and I felt this film would have worked just as well in colour, perhaps better even. A bunch of drug-taking friends get a bit agitated that a newly formed couple are spending too much time together, and so the only solution can of course be murder. Some good unintentional laughs due to dialogue.


You did OK in my view although there were some things that just left me going: Huh? Who killed the victim, or do we find that out in next week’s episode? Why was that girl speaking german and how did that tie in to the storyline (I thought she was going to confess over the phone and no one else in the flat would know because it was in german). I’m not sure Visa would approve of how you used their card. The kill scene should have been more than just black-out and water splash. Some still frame type flashes could have added to that section and given us a peak of what was going on. Your blood looked real-ish so if you had taken that approach, at that point you could have turned to colour through to the end. I know … it’s all very well for others to comment now but during the weekend madness you don’t always see other options. I’m sure you will look back on it now and come up with some ideas and improvements that will help you when you do it all again next year.