'Inversion' by Three Skin

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The Action / Adventure Movie
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Good camerawork, horrible sound. This particular Vic Meyer had some serious issues with not only insomnia, but also a newly brought on case of schizophrenia as described by his mum, as well as being bullied at school. Followed the paranoid Vic getting worse and worse leaning to a wander around to try and cure his ails. A weak conclusion and illegal use of footage from the videogame Mortal Kombat. You’ve obviously got an eye for a good shot so get some better sound gear and avoid using things you don’t have copyright clearance for.


I liked that from-room-to-outside-thru-window shot but the illusion was spoilt for me a bit later when I saw the whole larger window. Raumati Village is looking tidy, just watch out for things in the background that probably shouldn’t appear without the owners’ signed approval. Unfortunately the bit with the Mum in which the serious nature of Vic’s medical illness was revealed just had us giggling instead. (sorry to the Mum – I had to do a two second attempt at acting for an adult snippet in the first year … never again!). I lost the story as some point and again there was lots of running around in the dark. By this time in the Heat I was definitely confused as to where one film ended and the next one started.