'Cure' by The Study Group

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The Techno Thriller Movie
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Set long after a war of some kind where SD cards have become relics, a group of friends all take an old pill to try and cure their ails, but side effects quickly bring things to a negative point. Very talky for a futuristic film, it would have benefited from showing rather than telling a lot of the time. Also, uni halls/flats without decoration are unfortunately quite bland on screen. You guys seemed to have a decent group of actors, you’ve got potential so try and get outside your comfort zone next time.


You guys are really going to enjoy next semester when you actually get to take Film rather than just Media and Theatre or whatever else you’re doing at the moment. One of only two Team Intros that was worth a watch. Nice nod to The Tribe with the tats. Acting was OK (especially from the girls, sorry mate). Sound was a bit up and down though and at one point I thought you had dubbed a studio recording of the male actors lines in with the on-site recording of the actresses lines. Nice cinematography and editing with the wringing hands and mirror to convey their deterioration and worry. The story line could have done with just a bit more thought in order to make it a balanced start/middle/end and Tic Tacs are a pretty recognisable “pill”. You do need to find a range of locations that can work in various scenarios. Pre-planning is valuable to do, if it’s at all possible to plan for the unexpected that is 48 Hours, so well before the weekend work though some options. If we get this we could do that in these places … if it’s this instead we could twist it a bit into this other thing … sometimes that can get you a jump start on Friday night, other times it doesn’t but at least you’ve had a practise run.