'Collision' by The B's Kritque

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The Converging Storyline Movie
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Merging stories at 4am between a radio DJ, a girl in an abusive relationship and a general insomniac. The girl in particular delivered her lines with aplomb but I’m not sure if this team really understood their genre. The reason for this is that with a converging storyline, 2 people talking on the phone connecting don’t really count as converging when they meet in person, and if another story does intersect then it should have some dramatic impact on their situation, which unfortunately this did not. But like I said, well acted.


The bruising makeup was well done – hopefully it was just makeup!. The sound in the DJ scenes needed a better solution/tweak and the “just get out now” advise was a tad corny. I don’t know what the boy’s storyline/angle was. He didn’t seem to gel with the journey you were taking us on. Black cards on black road during black night meant I didn’t really see enough of the start in order to get the connection as the boy picked up the card later. My sharper eyed daughter had to explain that to me.