'LUVSUX' by Super 8

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The Musical Movie
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A poo joke-loving vacuum cleaner takes care of sucking up the office debris until it finds love, but love is never quite that straightforward, and the resulting action lets a bunch of other household appliances sing ala the Brave Little Toaster. The first couple of songs were really good, the visual gags were solid and then the BLT and Toy Story nods were nice too. However the second half songs were much weaker.


Conflict of interest on this one (the team I’m supporting). Team Intro was appropriate. You know already where the bits are that could be improved. It would have gone up a notch with a really great closing number just so that everyone would have left the theatre with that song in their head (and toes tapping). Maybe in the re-mix later in the year? It had a traditional three-act story approach and you produced a short that stood out from everyone else in the heat because it was different. You’ve built really well on the learning’s from the previous two years and produced a little gem which could end up with a small cult following. Not a bad result from 40 hours of awake time (for two of you). Rating 4.5/5 (probably a bit generous, but in my heart you actually get a 5). PS. Can I get my Credit Card back now?


Fantastic use of the character and somewhat original cast members.
Very Glad that this team didn't use an excessive amount of night shots and Pills.... We all know we've seen that too much...
Music was great, but agree with steelpotato that a song could have been near the end.

Other than that, the film was still fantastic! // made me laugh.


A vacuum cleaner love story. Really great concept for a musical! I felt the songs here were better than most, and looking back you managed to fit a lot into just seven minutes.