'Time Capsule' by Serious Sloth Films

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Time Capsule
The Reunion Movie
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Name of short is "Time Capsule" (Reunion Genre)

[DQ] All the friends of Vic Meyer have moved away, but an old-time buddy with some bad habits comes back into the picture. A different kind of reunion film; sinister instead of celebratory with the returning friend showing some nice on-screeen energy. I liked where this headed but felt that the reasoning behind the behaviour could have been conveyed better.


It had potential but I missed picking up on the cause for the reunion or who the two characters were in relation to each other. Were they brothers and the drawing was of their family when they were one? The “reunion event” itself was a hug at which point I wondered where that was leading to next (sorry). Then for the second half you morphed it into a thriller/stalker movie – he was a convincing stalker though.