'Guilt Trip' by Ronin

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Guilt Trip
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The Non Dialogue Movie
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Cards at the start of the film instruct us that guilt is something that stays with us until our last breath. The rest of the film followed someone obviously suffering from such a condition as they were followed by a black masked figure. Presented the idea that we all need some space when we feel guilty, but also made you step back and think about that concept upon conclusion. It was almost there, but the film would have benefited from seeing the lead actor emotionally behaving in a way that matched up with what we were told by the cards.


I didn’t mind this one. You had the seed for a good story and had a decent go at following the genre. Not sure about using the radio clip though but that’s probably something that needs to be looked up in the fine print of the genre description (hang on, there isn’t one). Don’t forget that footage can get grainy at night especially on SD cameras, and cars probably don’t back out quite that fast. Thinking back now though I’m not sure I remember how it ended (as in: tied things up story-wise) other than being surrounded by hooded characters in the forest.


I thought this was a really good crack a non dialogue film. The plot was clear, while still leaving plenty of suspense.
Overall I liked this film, one issue was the limited locations, either move around a bit more, or at least pretend to by varying your shots.