'Attack of the robot toaster' by Pixel Trip

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Attack of the robot toaster
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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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Big props for the fake ginger-mo, the lead actor had excellent screen presence with his inane ramblings. I thought you presented the character really well without spelling it out like a lot of teams, and the less I probably say about the, ahem, fantastic stop motion toaster, the better.


There was so much that needed fixing in this one. Sound was well out of sync with lip movements and sometimes hard to understand (it may have been due to that wonderful mo), the character spent 80% of the film getting into or out of bed (that poor teddy), and tomato sauce doesn’t really look like blood - try Golden Syrup, red & blue food colouring and a little bit of water. Did Budget (yes that is a brand/logo) sponsor the coffee and bread supply? But, if you improved all those bits it would probably just become another movie we don’t remember. As it is, it was definitely memorable! It may be a contender for the Best Worst Film award.


I love how this team went for comedy, well done! The style was uniquely comedic, the actor's antics with the teddy bear were highly entertaining. This film left me in tears. The audio being out of sync worked for this film, it added to the comedic value!