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The Immobolised Movie
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A long intro of dripping leaves and babbling brooks finally sets us to follow a young couple on a walk through the woods, which happens to include a treacherous rock walkway. This ended up playing like the 2005 film Just Like Heaven, but in quite a serious and sad way. Had some strong emotional impact, please don’t fluff about in the first 45 seconds of your film next year guys and you could well be onto something.


I watched your beautiful opening credits sequence and thought: that’s one minute used up. In the remaining six you did have a pretty good story going albeit a cross between Ghost (Patrick Swayze – ask your Mum’s and Dad’s about it) and Sixth Sense (Bruce Willis). I got the Sympathy Cards, but then the characters sat down and … played cards. You probably didn’t need to double-do the prop.
You may have missed the mark on the genre though. Sure, death is the ultimate immobilisation (maybe) but after your character had their fall I thought we were going to get some story that unequivocally dealt to the genre.