'The Sleeping Plot' by Traces of Nut

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The Sleeping Plot
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The Crime Movie
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This was the best I've seen. Very well shot. Clever plot and great performance from lead girl. Some of the surrounding dialogue from the family could have been a little tighter but the rest was really well executed.


Very nicely shot and slickly put together, definitely the best looking in its heat. I liked the child-high viewpoint used, and the young lead actress did a great job within the slightly too clever plot.


Best film of the heat as far as I was concerned. Slick, well scored, a *genuinely* creepy lead character.

It reminded me of The Twilight Zone. Absolutely loved it!


Stunning film. Finalist? Surely. Incredibly slick cinematography, a brilliant gradual reveal of the narrative, stunning integration of this year's elements, and I will never forget the high angle shot near the end of the film. That young actress as well - what a star! Congratulations to the filmmakers, I hope this goes far.


Knocked it out of the park; finals for sure, maybe nationals. Parents try to comfort their young girl about an unfortunate event, whilst she at the same time develops a plan to make $37 after a visit to the local gardening store. Great production values, excellent script and a superb performance by the lead actress. I loved that you basically showed the whole thing from the child's POV with the adults lower halves being shown when we were watching through her eyes. Darkly comic, children with ice creams and swear jars will never be the same again.


A dark comedy about a young girl raising money for a project. An absolute delight to watch this dark comedy, with an excellent plot twist topping of an already hugely funny and disturbing film. Very thoughtfully shot from the young leads perspective.
Struggling to find a criticism, but I felt like the opening scene could have been more clear in setting up the 'missing' premise.


Is was a bugger having our movie follow this short, cos it was brilliant. Nice tight story, great cinematography, good editing - this is exactly what all 48hr competitors hope to be able to produce.

Well done getting into the Wellington finals, you guys deserve it!


Great film. solid effort. I thought the acting was superb. Great cinematography. I'm not sure I fully understood the plot?


I saw this in the finals and it blew me away. It played last of the finalists and prior to it the top award was fairly open with some strong films. Then Traces of Nut came and stole the show.
Great story, well told, with fantastic images on the screen. The acting was first class and hit all the spots. Clearly ToN have spent their year away from 48 Hours kicking some serious ass.

If this doesn't win the national finals then whatever does will need to be unbelievable.

I think this team need drug testing because they were so good.


Absolutely LOVED this! Actually, I should say that I really "DIG" it. You so deserve the win, until your movie played I thought that Pour Moi was the winner or possibly Climatic. Nova's acting was brilliant - well done young lady, you're already better than any of the teenagers on Shortland Street and I'm picking you're only half as old as most of them. The hand into the handbag shot was genius and the ice cream gag was very devious (was that the Titahi Bay shops?). My family twigged a lot sooner than I did as to what the twist was going to be and I think that was because I missed a bit of the soundtrack near the start so that's my only reason to not going for a 5 star. I could easily see it as a 15-20 minute version with a little more back story.