'Meyer's Mime' by Torchon Chiffon Carpet

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Meyer's Mime
The Techno Thriller Movie
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Nicely shot film with a suitably creepy ending. Really good visual scenes and well-timed editing. It would have been nice to see some of the character relations developed in a bit more depth.


Some cute kids and a really nice opening scene. Overall the techno for this techno thriller was a bit limited (maybe more horror genre?), but it looked and sounded absolutely lush, and the central character was v. nicely done.


Strong visuals, NICE ending. There were gasps from all over the cinema!


Just a joy to watch ,
These up and coming / probably already made it top dogs are Wellingtons true film crew. Plus they didn't even film in a damp wellington flat which makes for a big game changer in the 48 world.


Great Thriller so well shot and brilliant sound. Great climax it left me gasping and now I'm gasping for more from these creepy filmmakers!


Just because you included a computer and a digital camera in your film, does not cover your bases for the TECHNO thriller requirement. Also, the uncleared use of a few seconds of Bad Moon Rising by CCR in the background of one shot was a big no-no. Those were the negatives; the positives were that you made a great looking creepy film about a clown mime who is a little bit too comfortable with children. Despite being technically pretty good, the storyline needed development. There's a point where you can leave things up to the audience, but here I found it frustrating. Good work getting a big audience gasp, though.


I don't know if this film can be called a 'techno thriller', although someone somewhere probably would say it can.
It had good quality sound and visuals, but I could not really pick out any kind of 'plot'. The main character (a mime) starts hearing noises/voices, then at the end he sees a creepy face...
The crowd really seemed to enjoy it, but sadly I was not on the same page.


Nicely shot film with a mime the lead character in a (barely techno) thriller. Some cute kids and interesting locations used.
Unfortunately I felt like this film didn't quite stick to its genre, and the plot was mostly buildup. Don't be afraid to fill in the story a bit guys.