'Dolly' by The WhatNots

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The Horror Movie
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Good attempt to scare audiences with the use of creepy noises, rattling furniture and unseen terrors in a typical Wellington multistorey house. Some sharper editing and more careful shot set ups could have really helped it to come together. Good use of POV shot as one of the girls is dragged away


They gave the genre a good shot - some nice table rattling and a noisy monster banging around ominously off camera were effective. But the story just sort of stopped.


I think this would have benefited from more tension between the characters rather than the spooky noises. And while I liked the shot of the character being dragged out at the end - one thing (in my opinion) that horror stories need is resolution. I feel that was missing and would have made this a much stronger story.


This felt like a zero budget version of the 80s horror film 'Superstition' with a bit of Paranormal Activity thrown in (I'm guessing that was the much likelier source of inspiration) as flatmates dealt with an unseen menace that attacked quite suddenly, and would not let up. Your POV shot was excellent, but the film was lacking in scares. The watch not being kept was quite funny.


A Paranormal Activity style horror. Sound concept, but let down a bit by the boring setting (yet another flat) and some occasionally jarring editing.


One of my teammates had to explain the premise behind this move (ie they were dolls, in a dollhouse, and the noises were someone playing with the dollhouse) - I am afraid this didn't come across well enough for me to pickup on. After it was explained the whole thing made a lot more sense. I think it is a pretty good idea, but overall was probably not scary enough for me. The POV shot was particularly good though :-)


Ictus it was crap! for the dolls living in your dolls house. ;) I think I got it. the unseen forces was the person or persons playing with the dolls. quite a cool idea. loved the high shot of the last doll with the upturned table etc well done


So I knew they were dolls from reading the forum but I didn't really get that clearly from watching until they were both sitting doll-style on the floor near the end. It needed to be more scary in my view, some typical horror music would have helped and camera actions more in keeping with that genre would have increased the suspense. A couple of the close up shots were a bit grainy which made me wonder if you'd filmed in a mix of HD and SD, or was all in SD? Concept was solid though and I would have given you more stars if you had truly caused me to jump or mutter OMG (at the on screen action).