'Playing Up in Traffic' by The Wafflehouse Filibuster

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Playing Up in Traffic
The Musical Movie
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Short, surreal and fun in its manicness. It would have been interesting to see if it could have developed further


There was not a whole lot of music in this very short short. The puppet was interesting and it might have all gone somewhere, but it felt like everyone just gave up after a few minutes of mucking about.


I loved this. It was quirky, it wasn't just people struggling to sing - it looked like the film makers got "Musical" at the genre draw, their jaws hit the floor and they said "sod it - let's do something out of the box"

Well done! (no, I wasn't on this team, nor do I know anyone in it - I genuinely loved it!)


I have no idea what I watched here, but I'm pretty sure I loved it.


WTF. Yes, you get the honour of being the first team this year to have me actually use that acronym. Sock puppets trash talk rapped (if what they did could be considered so) on the middle of the road. Felt like you had a decent Act 1 if the song was clearer, and just needed an actual story to follow.


The dreaded musical. I enjoyed what I could understand of the rap, but I got the impression this film was technically too ambitious. I'd love to see a full cut if one ever surfaces.


That was some crazy drug induced wacky stuff. Totally surreal rapping sock puppets. Would have been good to have been able to make out the lyrics of the song, but it was a bit washed out by the music.