'Insomniarama' by The Richard Finnomenon

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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Nice visuals, but sound was a bit challenging (It's Wellington...). Liked the bear and running down the street naked to find love!


Name of Short: "Insomniarama" (Genre: Non Dialogue)

We watched Vic Meyer entertain himself with tedious tasks in his apartment after being unable to sleep, before finally venturing outside. This was tedious and needed a dramatic arc; the streaking out of nowhere was funny but you also had some windy sound ruining a number of takes. At least the line was well used at the end.


What you get up to when you can't sleep. Overall a good effort for a non-dialogue film, this film had a much more realized plot than a lot of the 'talkies.'
The film was a bit slow to start and let down by occasional technical issues (Wellington wind). Overall a good effort in a tough category.


Did a good job of telling a story with no dialog. There was some nice little touches (the letter to himself was funny) but overall I found it a bit drawn out - it could probably be edited shorter, or it could have had more of a 'converging story' aspect were you could have included more of the girls story as well.